At Mersey Primary Academy we strive to ensure that all children are given the best educational opportunities possible.

On occasion, when discussing pupil provision in school you will hear the term ‘ Pupil Premium.’ This relates to additional funding the academy receives linked to the number of children who are eligible for ‘free school meals’ or are classed as ‘looked after children’.

Research shows that children who fall into these groups are often less likely to leave school having achieved GCSEs. We utilise the funding to close the gaps in learning and development for these children to ensure they reach their full potential.

We use the funding in a number of ways from small group and one to one specialist provision, to subsidising visits to ensure all children in the academy have access to the same opportunities.

As an academy, we are accountable for our spend and share this information both on our website and with our Academy Advisory Board and as a part of whole school and trust based monitoring.