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Enterprise  week commencing Monday 17th November.

  • Telephone issues

    4th July 2017

    Should you experience any problems contacting us by telephone, please email : info@merseypa.org.uk or overfieldj2@merseypa.org.uk

  • Train to Teach with Delta TSA

    12th April 2017


    School Direct is a national teacher training initiative, which offers an exciting opportunity to train alongside outstanding practitioners, gaining valuable knowledge, skills and professional attitudes that will enable you to start your personal journey towards becoming an excellent teacher and future leader. 

    Delta Teaching School Alliance is working in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University to offer School Direct places for 2017/18.  As part of the training you can gain a Post Graduate Certificate i

  • Pandas

    7th April 2017

    Pandas have had lots of fun this week with Easter activities. They have used mark making sheets with lots of different Easter pictures on them. Children worked really hard making Easter cards to take home using their handprints. Children had a lovely day on Tuesday on our Easter egg hunt with party food and getting a sweet from the Easter Bunny. Well done to all the Pandas who decorated a bonnet, they were wonderful. @MerseyPandas


  • Meerkats

    7th April 2017

    Meerkats have been learning all about Jesus' crucifixion and the Easter story. They have completed their free verse poems about space and have enjoyed researching planets. All children enjoyed the reward trip and were exceptionally behaved. Well done Meerkats! @MerseyMeerkats


  • Frogs

    7th April 2017

    Frogs have reached the final part of their Architect project. They have been painting their final exhibit boards and also used inks in water to create marbling effects on paper. Magic! Some could begin to explain this in terms of properties of materials! In Maths, they have worked on division and on doubling and halving numbers, whilst they have written instructions and more newspaper reports in Literacy. Lots of the class had an enjoyable morning bowling. @MerseyFrogs


  • Dolphins

    7th April 2017

    Dolphins have had a fantastic final week of term and have been taking part in lots of exciting Easter activities. On Tuesday, they had their end of term reward, an Easter egg hunt around the school, followed by a picnic and some party games, what a brilliant time! They loved following the clues to find their treat. They brought their amazing Easter Bonnets in to school on Wednesday and they all looked fantastic! They were able to show the whole school how brilliant they were during their assembly. They also

  • Sharks

    7th April 2017

    What a fantastic term it has been for the Sharks. They have all worked incredibly hard in preparation for their SATS and each and everyone of them should be proud of what they have achieved over the year. Thank you so much for your continued support. We look forward to the next and final term of their time at Mersey. @MerseySharks


  • Owls

    7th April 2017

    In Maths this week, Owls have been sorting shapes according to their properties and identifying lines of symmetry in shapes. In Literacy, they have used punctuation including full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks in their sentences. They have also used suffixes (ly, ness, ment, ful) to spell longer words. In P.E., they have been continuing to work on their group sequences, these are coming together nicely and they hope to be able to show you them next term. They had some visitors