Sports Grant

Sports Grant

What does the Sport Premium mean for my academy?

 Mersey Primary Academy

‘Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this’ (DfE June 2013).

At Mersey primary Acacdemy, we have used the sports funding to lease a minibus, this is in order to give all of our children wider opportunities in a variety of sports outside of the academy.


Please see below for the Autumn Term Sports Premium Review

Sport Premium Termly Report

A great amount has been achieved at Mersey Primary, as the pupils continue to make excellent progress in their ability and understanding of PE and participation in a range of extra-curricular events since September 2014.


Children in Foundation and KS1 have focussed on Games.



               In Foundation, children were focussing on using beanbags, balancing, carrying, jumping, aiming and throwing and catching. The children learnt how to use the space safely, how to travel with increasing control and co-ordination. They also learnt how to use a range of small games equipment safely and with increasing control, and to concentrate and play an aiming game. The children made excellent progress whilst having lots of fun in their PE lessons.




            In Year 1, children were focussing on ball skills and games. The children learnt familiarisation with a ball using balancing; rolling and passing the ball around different body parts. They improved at patting and bouncing the ball and used these skills in games. Throwing and catching, rolling and receiving, kicking the ball and dribbling, throwing and catching using bean bags, small balls and quoits was further developed during individual and partner target games. The children made excellent progress and showed various ways of using a ball, moving safely and actively about the space.






            In Year 2, children were focussing on throwing and catching and inventing games. The children learnt how to throw, catch and bounce in different ways when standing still or on the move.

 The children were able to choose and apply skills to create their own games, developing strategies for extending their skills. The children really improved on their throwing and catching skills whilst using various types of equipment and were very focussed within lesson.

The year 2 cohort also had lessons based on aiming, using different types of sending with feet, hands and bat. The tennis type skills allowed pupils to develop accuracy and control.





               The Y3 and Y4 cohort focussed on invasion games. The children learnt how to consolidate and improve the quality of their skills, improving their ability to select and apply simple tactics and to work co-operatively in small groups. The children were given the opportunity to apply the skills in small sided games and class competitions. The children can pass and receive with their hands in different ways (chest bounce and shoulder), use sequence passing; they are also getting better at passing and moving to retain possession and have been developing skills using simple tactics. The children are fully engaged in PE and are able to work in groups, organise equipment and support one another. Well done Y3 and Y4.




              The Y5 and Y6 classes demonstrated some excellent ability and understanding of games too. The least confident children are now really relishing PE and are finding the subject much more enjoyable. The children have focussed on football and basketball skills, and completed small-sided games showing new skills, basic tactics and strategies for attacking play. The children can work co-operatively with others in a team and can evaluate their own and others work. Well done Y5 and Y6.




                    In some indoor PE lessons, pupils have had the opportunity to develop their gymnastics skills.

Pupils learnt how to set up and put away apparatus safely.



                    Children learnt how to balance and travel using points and patches, while stretching and curling their bodies to create various shapes. They explored different pieces of equipment and worked exceptionally hard throughout.

We look forward to further developing Gymnastics and Dance next term.




                Extra-curricular activities have been successful and have included various sport clubs, including: dance, netball, outdoor athletics and football.


                In the netball club the pupils were taught the different positions, how to pass the ball correctly and how to move when holding the ball.  The children enjoy taking part in mini-competitions between themselves on a weekly basis and this training will help in the lead up to the netball competitions held later on in the academic year.     




                   In dance club, pupils were taught a variety of different warm ups, stretches, descriptive moves and routines.  The children gain lots of confidence by working with one another to create routines and develop skills. Some children were given the role of choreographers, to develop their creative ideas and lead others into creating their own performances. The children work exceptionally hard and Miss Blowman is extremely proud of the improvements that are continuously showing every lesson. Well done dancers!





               There has also been a KS2 football club in which behaviour has been excellent and the standard of play is improving all the time. The more experienced players are also very supportive of those with less experience which produces a fantastic atmosphere to the club in which all pupils can enjoy and achieve.


Some pupils had the opportunity to represent Mersey Primary Academy in the school games contests; competing against other schools. One football tournament was held at Victoria Dock Primary School and the boys competing worked hard together and managed to come third.  Another football tournament was held at St Mary’s Sixth Form College in which the children came fourth. 




                  Sixteen children all from KS2 had the opportunity to participate in a cross country tournament held at St Mary’s Sixth Form Collage.  In this tournament two of the Mersey Primary Academy pupils succeeded in being placed in the top ten, this means that they will now be entered into the next cross country level at a regional level.  A variety of competitions will be continued throughout the year. Well done to all the children who have participated in the competitions so far.



                   Year 6 children have been very fortunate to enjoy a residential trip to Edale.  Whilst there they focussed on the 5 Rs of learning: readiness, reflectiveness, resourcefulness, responsibility and resilience. The year 6 children took part in a range of different activities that included Canoeing, Abseiling, Caving and Rock Climbing. The activities really helped children to build up confidence and work together as a team to support one another. The trip was great fun and very successful.